Commercial Interior Electrical Fit-outs

Commercial Interior Electrical Fit-outs

Across every aspect of our organisation, we strive for excellence. From accounting to the physical installation of projects, we aim for the best. To help streamline the design and build process, we assign a project manager to each venture. This assignment ensures both the clients and employees receive the support they need to deliver timely and high-quality work.

It is the Project Manager's responsibility to ensure:

  • Personnel and equipment are available and on-site when required
  • Scheduled time frames incorporate all other trades
  • Services set out are confirmed correct prior to installation
  • Fittings and fixtures are available and have been delivered
  • Contingency plans are implemented if any unforeseen delays occur
  • All documentation is available upon completion of the project

The safety and contentment of our customers are our number one priority. We have measures in place to prevent and maintain the security of our staff and customers. We have developed a planned and preventative system that revolves around you and your needs; this includes the required inspection and maintenance of many aspects of your electrical systems. With flexible service contracts, we work to suit your requirements. From the initial meeting to implementation and maintenance, Seven Electrical will work with you to ensure success.

Areas that require regular maintenance are:

  • Emergency Lighting
  • General Lighting
  • Switchboards
  • Appliances
  • Heat pumps and Air Conditioning

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