LED Lighting Upgrade

LED Lighting Upgrade

The average New Zealand home can consume around 908kWh per year, with lighting being responsible for up to 40% of that. On top of that figure sits your home appliances. Home appliances are often the culprits of mass-energy consumption; however, it's an unrealistic ask to switch every appliance with a (usually more expensive) energy-efficient replacement. 

Seven Electrical can provide advice and education around ways to economically improve the environmental efficiency of your home. We can drastically reduce your carbon footprint (and power bill), starting with basic solutions like LED lamp replacements. As an experienced LED installer, Seven Electrical make a positive impact on your home's ambience and as well as the planet.

Key Benefits:

  • LED products are energy efficient.
  • LEDs save about 80% in energy costs compared with halogen and incandescent lights.
  • Lights with motion sensors and daylight harvesting can save a lot more.
  • The LED lamps last much longer, reducing renovation/replacement costs.
  • Our lighting solutions suit your home
Quantity of bulbs* is required
Wattage of existing bulbs* is required
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Based on your values you could save up to

per month on your electricity bill.*

*Calculated at an average of 30 days per month.

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